Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phillies Address Polanco Health Concerns

A swing away from another injury?
Continuing concerns about Placido Polanco's health spurred Ruben Amaro to act.  Polanco went 2 for 4 as he returned to the starting lineup last night.  While Charlie Manuel was glad to have Polanco back, the Phillies have concerns for the health of their aging third basemen. 

Doubtful Competency investigators have learned that Ruben Amaro officially requested a personalized change to the Disabled List Rules.  Amaro hopes to gain approval to put Polanco on a 15 Inning Disabled List instead of a 15 Day list when….I mean if he is reinjured over the rest of the year.

Under the proposal Polanco could be disabled for 15 innings allowing the Phillies to recall another player during his recovery.  If his condition improves before the end of an extra inning  game he could reenter the game at the same position he was in when injured.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Latest Trade in Phillies Rebuilding Process

Fans react to news they've been traded
The Phillies entered the second phase of the team breakup as Ruben Amaro  agreed to swap 14 Seating Sections in Citizens Bank Park for 28 Sections of Kansas City's Royal Stadium.

Amaro said the club is sending twice as many sections since Kansas City attendance is about 50% of the Philles attendance.

He feels the move will help the club weather the rebuilding process by replacing some long time fans accustomed to winning with less demanding fans who have no memory of the recent string of championships.

Amaro said, "We want to make sure our new and young players have the opportunity to learn and grow in a friendly ballpark atmosphere without the pressure of winning now.  Our scouts feel the new fans will keep a lower profile and just enjoy the night at the park.

The front office is contacting the affected fans and they are expected to report to Royal Stadium by  Monday.  When asked how he could guarantee the fans will report he referred to some small print in the season ticket agreements that gives the club unlimited options to change fans seats.  While acknowledging that they had never before moved them to other ballparks he felt comfortable that the move is legal and will be approved by Major League Baseball.

Amaro also indicated there could be more fan moves if the remaining ticket holders demonstrate any negative reactions during games.