Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Quietly Ends Gulf Trip

President Obama trip ends in disapointment
President Obama cancelled two fundraisers and delayed his arrival at the Democratic National Convention when his advisors suggested he make a Gulf trip on the Louisiana coast.

Jay Carney told the press that the president said a trip like this must always take precedence over fundraising and convention activities. 
Carney emphasized that concerns for the plight of the impacted Americans trumped politics and fund raising and hope this would end the focus on the presidents fundraising activities.

Upon arrival, the President's entourage quickly disembarked Air Force One and headed toward New Orleans.

When the caravan arrived at the site of the recent Hurricane destruction the President asked whether the Golf Course has sustained damage that would alter his approach to the game.

He grew visibly angry when aides told him there would be no golfing during the trip.

When informed the trip was intended to show his concern for Americans hit hard by the Hurricane he said, "Oh, I thought you said GOLF Trip, Not Gulf Trip.

The President quickly left New Orleans as aides tried furiously to reschedule the fundraisers.

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