Monday, March 12, 2012

Ruiz Kidnapping Puts Phillies Season in Jeopardy

Kidnappers eagerly await minor leaguers & bobbleheads
Phillies officials confirmed on Wednesday that Carlos Ruiz was kidnapped during a trip to visit family members in Panama.  The Identity of the kidnappers is unknown but within hours Ruben Amaro Jr. he brought the incident to a successful conclusion. 

The incident bore an eerie resemblance to the recent kidnapping of the Nationals Wilson Ramos but it was successfully resolved without military action.

Amaro responded to the kidnapper’s initial demand of $10 Million with a counter offer that formed the basis of an agreement.  Unconfirmed reports indicate Scott Boras represented the kidnappers.

 Ruiz was released after Amaro offered 2 minor leaguers, $250, a one year supply of Dollar Dogs and Charley Manual Bubbleheads for each Kidnapper.

When questioned, Amaro said he was pleased with the final details and said this will not count as an option for either minor leaguer.  He said this was a win-win solution for all.  The Phillies are high on the potential of both of the traded minor leaguers but they are considered soft and unconditioned.  Amaro said a stint living in the mountains with the kidnappers was just what they needed to reach their full potential as players.

Neither of the minor league players were not identified pending notification of their relatives and they were available for comment.

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