Monday, April 16, 2012

Texas Town Announces anti-Obesity Plan

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The small town of McAllen Texas was stunned to learn they top the list of cities with obese residents. According to a Gallup survey 38% of residents are classified as obese.

City planners shocked at town obesity rate

City officials reacted quickly to combat citizen obesity and announced a major initiative to sharply reduce the percentage.   They announced a contract with a major headhunter firm to recruit fit people who will be offered free housing for 24 months in an effort to reduce the percent of obese residents.

The focus will be on locating fit families to achieve the quickest results but individuals who meet the criteria will also be considered.

The Mayor expresses his optimism that the town would soon fall in line with the national average.

He went on to deny accusations that they were also secretly relocating obese residents in surrounding towns in an attempt to expedite the results.

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