Thursday, March 3, 2011

FBI Restructures as White Collar Crime Drops

Criminals favor business casual dress

The impact of the recent budget cuts is already impacting the FBI.  Agency officials are studying how to react to the sharp decrease in White Collar Crimes.  Congressional pressure to reduce costs and streamline operations is driving plans to significantly reorganize the operation.

An FBI spokesman said the drop in white collar crime can be tied to the sharp increase in business casual dress codes throughout the business community. 

He went on to say that at the same time, Business Casual Crime has sharply increased.   This has complicated the investigation process because agents can no longer focus only on those in white shirts.  The new criminal could conceivably be wearing any kind of casual clothing to blend in with the crowd. 

The Bureau is funding a $705 million study to determine clothing trends of the new business world criminals.  They plan to update training and investigative techniques to refocus their efforts on the most likely offenders.

The spokesman said, "No longer will our agents be forced to work in the dark.  Now they will have the intelligence they need to dismantle the growing business casual criminal networks that have infiltrated the business world.

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