Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama Takes Leads in Egyptian Snake Search

President Obama, reeling from criticism that he has not effectively led the effort in Libya took prompt unilateral steps today to form a coalition in the United Nations to deal with the escaped Egyptian Cobra at the Brooklyn zoo.

Unidentified White House officials were quick to praise the president’s decisive action and expect a multi-national coalition will begin the search in Brooklyn by next week.  They expect the move to reassure voters that the President is able to effectively lead the nation through the many unique challenges it now faces. 

In a prepared statement the President said, “Snakes have been recorded as a threat as far back as the Garden of Eden.  The American people expect their leaders to protect them and my plan will effectively eliminate this threat. 

The President went on to say that Garden of Eden was believed by many to be in an area now occupied by Iraq and that the previous administration took no steps to deal with this potential problem.

The Arab League and CAIR reacted sharply to the news and condemned the plan citing it as another example of American oppression.  They pointed out that the snake was in the United States legally and is entitled to the same freedoms as other domestic animals.

Upon hearing the opposition, President Obama called for a pause in action and put Vice President Biden in charge of the effort. 

The Vice President announced that he would  embark tomorrow on a 15 day expedition to the Amazon  and the Southwest to study the habits of snakes and would soon release a comprehensive plan to recapture to serpent.

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