Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter in Jeopardy as Area Church Service Grinds to a Halt

O'Malley confession continues
The regular church service schedule at Our Lady of the Sepulcher was discontinued forcing parishioners to attend Mass at other neighboring Churches.

The parish recently completed a major spiritual renewal outreach to encourage wayward non practicing parishioners to return to active membership.

One returning parishioner, Martin O’Malley, was particularly inspired and attended the Saturday afternoon penance service on January 8th.  He began confessing his sins accumulated over the 42 years since his last confession.  Mr. O’Malley remained in the confessional for the past 12 weeks and officials are reluctant to conduct mass while the confession continues.

Church officials are not sure how much longer the confession will last but there are unconfirmed rumors that Mr. O’Malley is now up to sins committed in 1998.

While parishioners are pleased about his return to the Church they are anxiously hoping the confession is completed in time for Easter Services at the parish.  There are concerns that even when the confession ends that the services will remain suspended while Mr. O’Malley recites his penance.

Diocesan officials worry that the service suspension will result is a sharp rise in ongoing confessions by parishioners who had negative thoughts about Mr. O’Malley and are considering a fund drive to add confessionals to the church.

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