Friday, April 8, 2011

Trump Uncovers New Obama Birth Controversy

Trump exposes birth controversy
Researchers commisioned by Donald Trump made a stunning discovery when they located Barrack Obama’s actual birth certificate in Hawaii.  The document conclusively proves the President was born there but raises a shocking new development.
Apparently, previous attempts to locate the document were thwarted by an inaccurate birth date.  Obama was actually born on August 4, 1976 making him only 32 when he was elected president.  The minimum age requirement to run for president is 35 and his presidency is now in jeopardy.
In a prepared statement the President said he just got caught up in the enthusiasm and did not want to disappoint his supporters when they encouraged him to run. He prayed over the matter and came to the conclusion that he was the best person for the job even if he was not technically eligible.
The White House refused to comment when asked which God Obama had prayed to.
Supporters of the president state the issue is a canard and that surely the framers understood that in the future a young candidate who was mature beyond his years would emerge as the best choice to lead the nation.  The Constitution needs to be living document that recognizes societal change.
A statement from the Democratic National Committee states that the most important consideration should be who is best able to lead our nation, not how old is he.
The White House also released a confidential report confirming that psychologists certified the President  has the maturity of a 72 year old man and a 35 year old woman making him eligible for the office.

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