Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paul Giamatti cast as Napolitano in Lifetime Bio Pic

Janet Napolitano...I think
Lifetime Network producers announced the signing of Paul Giamatti to portray Janet Napolitano in a Biopic  planned for release next year. 
At a press conference announcing the signing studio executives said they were thrilled with the move and expected to save considerably on special effects makeup considering the uncanny resemblance the actor bears with the Homeland Security Director.
The studio came up with the idea after someone observed Giamatti being waved through the Orange County Airport Security line while screeners referred to him as “Director Napolitano”.  

Paul Giamatti...I think

 The actor unsuccessfuly tried to convince them he was not Napolitano.  TSA Screeners refused to believe him and thought it was a segment of “Undercover Boss”,  the CBS Series featuring Company CEO’s who go undercover to assess how their business operates.

The actor was able to make his flight only after he agreed to be the homeland security director and he was allowed to pass through without a pat down check.

Napolitano does not support the move and is concerned that Giamatti may  be too feminine fo the role.

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