Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Jersey Seizing Unused Gift Cards

New Jersey is moving forward with a law that allows the state to confiscate any unused gift cards after 2 years.   Under the plan state employees will be granted access to all residences every 120 days to search for unused cards. 

Governor Christie announced this will signify reduce the state deficit and provide alternate means of satisfying state obligations in the future.

Effective October 2011, retired state employees will receive 75% of their pension in cash and the rest in partially used gift cards. Current employee bonuses will now include buy one get one free coupons for McDonald’s products.   The state also announced that residents filing for tax refunds will now be able to select from an assortment of partial gift cards in lieu of cash.

Christie also confirmed that he is forgoing his salary and will now be paid with unused Cold Stone Creamery Gift Cards. 

Buoyed by the anticipated success of the program the state legislature is also planning to seize Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner leftovers that are not consumed within 2 days of the holiday.  Food stamp programs will include unused gift cards to Red Lobster, Friendly's and California Pizza Kitchen as well as leftover holiday meals. 

Officials applauded the effort as a creative bipartisan approach to relieve the debt problems facing the state.   Future plans call for seizure of any clothing not worn at least one time during each season and late homework assignments for grades six through twelve.  

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