Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obama Reverses Cuban Travel Decision

Obama delivering the grim news

President Obama made two major announcements affecting travel between the US and Cuba.  Earlier this week he announced that Cruise Ships could begin carrying Americans to Cuba.

Cruise Lines moved quickly to meet the pent up demand among the nations wealthy and the many Cuban immigrants who settled in Florida.

Within two days over 150 Cruises embarked from Florida ports bound for the Island of Cuba.  Passengers included Rush Limbaugh, known to lust for Cuban Cigars, Glen Beck and thousands of Floridians who had regularly voted Republican in recent years.

Yesterday, in a stunning reversal, the administration announced that all returning Cruise Ships from Cuba would be blockaded and could not return to the US.  When questioned, he confirmed that any citizens on those ships should make plans to remain in Cuba at least until after the next election. 

The President denied reports that the reversal was politically motivated and said with a noticeable smile, “I had no idea that Rush and Glen would be affected by my decision.  I’m sure it will be difficult for all of us in the administration to get through the next two years without their guidance.”

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