Friday, February 4, 2011

Department of Energy Unveils Renewable Green Energy Plan

New clean energy technology unveiled
DOE officials announced an exciting new green energy project that leverages Wind Turbine technology without the need for towering Turbines that destroy the view and are harmful to birds. 

The plan calls for the deployment of thousands of manual energy turbines located in residential neighborhoods across the country. 

The administration expects the program to provide 37% of the nation’s power needs and is hopeful that it will significantly stimulate the economy with the addition of 2,425,000 new Green Energy positions needed to power the system.

Environmentalists welcomed the plan and said that it represents a bold step into the future of energy for America.  A spokesman said, “No longer will we be held hostage by the oil interests and no longer will we pollute the environment with harmful outdated technology.”

Michelle Obama is also touting the plan as a means to improve the nations health and will lead a partner initiative to create individual work schedules for all Americans based on their need for additional exercise.

DOE officials are exploring other potential applications that include moveable rocking seats that passengers could use to power airplanes and automobile pedals that could allow drivers and passengers to travel without the need for any fuel.


John Jennings said...

No Unemployed Person Left Behind!

Mark Time said...

Yes it takes a village to keep the system going...