Thursday, February 3, 2011

Woman Uses USPS to Beat High Airfares

Returned to sender
A Minnesota woman is under fire after Postal Officials report she attempted to mail a puppy in a box.  The woman is being charged with animal cruelty after she attempted to send the puppy to Georgia using Priority Mail.

 The puppy was discovered when the box fell from a table and postal workers heard sounds coming from inside.

The woman initially planned to set the puppy on the road with a map to the destination but thought the box would be easier on the dog.  When asked how she expected him to survive without food and water the woman responded that she meant to use Overnight Delivery and expected the puppy to arrive in time for breakfast the next day. 

She said the various postal options were confusing and vowed to be more careful when using them in the future.  She did purchase insurance to ensure that the dog could be reimbursed if there was a problem.

During the interview she was reportedly upset that the puppy was not sent through the mail system.  She is worried that  her 5 year old son will be very disappointed if the dog is not there when he arrives in Georgia inside a separate box. 

No charges are expected for mailing the child because she did use Express Mail Overnight Delivery for his box.

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Kristen Brennan Hensley said...

That looks just like my riley! Who would do that??!!??