Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GM Unveils the New Chevrolet Mascara

Link to original story:  http://money.cnn.com/2011/01/20/news/companies/gm_barra/index.htm
Designed with the woman in mind

General Motors promoted Mary Barra as its new head of product development, the first woman to hold that key position at a major automaker. 

Barra immediately unveiled the new Chevrolet Mascara that targets the married couples market. 

Studies showed that the husbands spend an average of 324 hours per year waiting for their spouse in a car. 

The new Mascara was designed to reduce spousal wait time by providing additional features for women ending the last minute activities now completed at home.

The passenger side dashboard quickly converts to a make-up station with special lighting features and space for assorted lipsticks, mascara and other make-up items.  The Mascara also has power outlets for curling irons and hair styling appliances. 

GM offers an optional roll-in closet that will accommodate 5 changes of clothes reducing the need for wives to make those difficult decisions about what to wear before they leave the house.

The Make-up Station quickly converts to the driver’s side for those occasions when the woman drives the vehicle.  There is also an optional stealth feature that prevents law enforcement from observing any make-up activity.  The technology converts the windows into 2-way glass that projects the image of a driver focused intently on driving from the exterior while the driver is free to attend to any personal make up needs.

Buyers can also purchase an option that automatically returns the vehicle to the starting point up to three time to retrieve items forgotten when the spouse left the house. Analysts expect the car to be a big seller and to have a positive impact on marital compatibility.

Barra also announced plans for a new Crossover Vehicle aimed at the male market.  The Cadillac Sportsman includes multiple high definition screens showing live sports events or highlights.  The screen images will also project onto the windshield while the vehicle is in motion.  Buyers can also add the Make-up Station to the Sportsmen as an optional upgrade.

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