Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hugo Chavez Joins Renewable Energy Effort

Chavez explains plan to Sean Penn
Hugo Chavez announced plans to leverage the Saudi Arabian Dinosaur Cloning Project highlighted in the 2/14/2011 edition of Doubtful Competency to ensure the future of Venezuela. 

The Venezuelan leader launched a plan that will create 1000 Hugo Chavez clones able to lead the Venezuelan people well into the future. 

He simultaneously declared that the leader of the country will no longer be called the President.  Instead, the leader will be known as the “Hugo Chavez”.  As a result of the change and the endless supply of future Hugo Chavez’s he called off any elections for the next 125,642 years.

Sean Penn released a statement praising the plan and said he is pleased that the Venezuelan people are now assured of a stable future free of the distractions in the American political system.   Penn refused to comment on reports that he recently sent DNA samples to Chavez but he confirmed he will be starring in 427 film projects this year.


Anonymous said...

After our experience with Ronald Reagan, you'd think we'd have learned that actors should stay out of politics.

Mark Time said...

Ronald, Ronald,where for art thou Ronald....if only we could have cloned him...