Monday, November 8, 2010

Department Of Education Targets Foreign Language Skills

 Americans lag far behind the world in foreign language skills.  A blue ribbon panel presented a plan expected to be approved to significantly improve Americans ability to blend into multi cultural language situations.

The panel identified a lack of willingness to spend time learning a new language as a root cause of the problem.  In order to ensure success, they propose a low stress,  quick turnaround approach  that focuses on pronunciation and accents instead of vocabulary.

Effective September  2011, all high school students will be required to take Multi-lingual Accent Training.   Initial plans call for classes in Irish Brogue, Indian,  Yiddish and French.  There are also plans for an Italian program that will incorporate hand movements.

An NEA Spokesperson said, "Now our graduates can compete for high paying customer service positions in India without revealing they are actually low skilled Americans. "

Studies also revealed that effective use of an Irish Brogue defuses anger and leads to more upbeat conversations in difficult situations. It also qualifies graduates for food service positions in Faux Irish Pubs throughout the country.

When asked about when the Italian Accent Course would be available the Spokesperson turned his palms upward and shrugged his shoulders.

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