Friday, November 26, 2010

Rally in DC ends in Confusion

Gobler Groups Grapple in DC 
Over 200,000 demonstrators showed up at the Capital on Wednesday  in what was billed as a "Save the Turkey Protest."  White House organizers said they planned a small light hearted rally in support of the traditional Presidential  Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon. 

Organizers were shocked when large crowds of protestors rolled in carrying signs in support of hundreds of turkeys.

 In additions to signs supporting Sarah Palin, Harry Reid and President Obama,  there were numerous signs supporting  the Washington Redskins and the Nationals baseball team.  Several signs called for the EU to bail out the Turkish economy.

Spontaneous counter demonstrations sprung up throughout the Mall with demonstrators  carrying "Cook the Goose" signs bearing many of the same names as the turkey supporters.  Observers reported intermittent  sightings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shouting, "We need to cook the turkey so we can see what's inside it."

When asked about the confusion,  Robert Gibbs said the President admits he needed to do a better job explaining the plan and vowed to make several prime time speeches leading up to next years  Turkey Pardon.

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