Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playboy Magazine Announces New Special TSA Edition

Playboy announced plans for "The Girls of the TSA Scanners" using leaked TSA Scanner photos of women fliers. The spokesman said, "We are very excited about this entirely new genre that we expect to make a significant impact on sales.

Customers will have a unique opportunity to see their friends and neighbors unclothed in the scanner photos. Fliers can also scan the publication themselves to find out if they made the final cut. Playboy plans to pay a stipend to anyone who finds themselves in the publication which adds another incentive and a scavenger hunt quality to the magazine.

The spokesman admits there is not much variety in the current crop of photos.  Everyone is merely standing upright and holding their arms upwards but they hope to form a partnership with TSA officials that will result in a variety of poses at the direction of airport screeners

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