Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Administration Acts to Prevent Future WikiLeaks

President Obama moved aggressively today to deal with security breaches from the Wiki Leaks threat.  Today,  he signed an executive order that eliminates the Government security classification program.  Effective immediately all government documents will be unclassified and will be published in a new weekly magazine.

The President said, "We will no longer live under the threat that our deepest intelligence and diplomatic communications will be revealed in this spectacular fashion.  Let me be clear, we are now completely in control of the release of all government communications."

Officials feel that the sheer volume of government documents will make it more difficult for anyone to extract the truly sensitive material.  In addition there are plans to offer subscriptions to the publication that will provide a new funding source for future initiatives.

For more information about subscriptions call 1-800-SEC-RETS.


Anonymous said...

Will someone please post a warning that he is about to say "let me be clear"? I cannot stand that as if that is going to scare anyone, why would you need to say let me be clear ad nauseum? ... pulls out hair....

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose he's just letting us know that most of what he says is clear as mud....It's better than having him say "let me be totaly incoherent" for most of his messages and BS