Monday, November 15, 2010

Unknown Alaskan Write in Candidate Wins Senate Seat

In a shocking development Republican nominee Joe Miller withdrew from the race when the number of write-in votes was announced. He said that the people have spoken and the write-in candidate should take the seat. He also said he recently realized the Capital is in Washington DC, not Washington State and that there are no moose there.

Alaska is the first state in over 50 years to elect a write in candidate to the Senate. Analysts expected Lisa Murkowski to be that person but she lost out to a surprise winner.

There were 81,692 write in votes that included 673 variations of "Lisa Murkowski". A judge ruled that there were far too many variations of spelling making it impossible to assign the votes to the former Republican Senator. She received credit for 246 votes with the correct spelling.

Officials have confirmed that there were also 247 votes correctly spelled for John Smith making him the winner.

46 John Smiths have claimed victory so far. Additional John Smiths have until Friday to join the group.

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