Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pelosi Declares Unemployment Stimulates Economy

Nancy Pelosi unveiled a new plan to stimulate the economy and assist the unemployed at the same time.

The Speaker said, “We know that unemployment benefits are more likely to be spent than tax cuts for the rich.  There is no cost to the government since that money gets fed right back into the economy.  Unemployment is good for the citizens and it is good for America."

Democratic leaders are poised to enact lame duck legislation requiring employers to cut payroll by 50 percent so that more unemployment funds can be distributed with expectation that it will jump start the economy.

Reporters asked how unemployed families earning less than they did when employed could stimulate the economy.   Ms. Pelosi said she is already working on a plan that will pay unemployed workers up to 25% more than they made in their former jobs.

In a related development there are numerous reports of rich people volunteering to be laid off if the law is enacted so they can also contribute to the economy.


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