Sunday, December 19, 2010

Senate Preparing Sweet Dreams Citizenship Bill

Citizenship for all is here
 The Dream Act was defeated but there are already plans underway in Congress for the Sweet Dreams Act that addresses a series of challenges facing the country.

Under the plan all people born anywhere in the world as well as their parents and extended families will be US citizens. 

Proponents are excited about the bill that addresses immigration, the budget, increases American diversity, enhances military readiness and creates a world based constituency for political actions.

Harry Reid praised the bill as a triumph for both human rights and deficit reduction.  Individuals who register with the local US embassy will be eligible for the same unemployment, welfare, food stamps and educational programs as US citizens.  Payments will go directly to the individuals along with absentee ballots for US elections.

Reid said, "No longer will we risk money intended to help the poor souls in foreign countries.  This completely eliminates the waste and corruption in our existing foreign aid programs and significantly increases our cultural diversity.  Why should those who are misfortunate enough to be born somewhere else be deprived of living the American dream?"

Progressive's hailed the bill's fairness and lauded its creative approach to reducing illegal immigration.  No longer will people have to resort to sneaking across our borders.   They can stay right where they are and participant in our American process.

Under the bill, expected to be signed by President Obama, each foreign person will designate a US state of citizenship and they will be entitled to any of the programs available to other residents of that state.   Now even small states like Delaware and Rhode Island can rival the large states in population.  States will receive additional congressional seats based on the new foreign residents.

The plan will also make it easier to reduce military spending.  We can train recruits right where they live eliminating the need to airlift them to the combat areas.  This gives our military exceptional flexibility to deal with issues anywhere in the world.

There are reports that Gay Groups oppose the potential influx of foreign born Muslims into the military and are proposing that Muslims not be allowed to serve openly. 

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